Adapting Quickly to Data Quality Challenges in the Real-World

Lou Galway


Today’s diverse data landscape poses some real challenges for data professionals. How do you prepare yourself for these challenges? Let’s start by reviewing some of these challenges and the impact they have on the organization. Then, we will examine some of the approaches that can be taken to solve those challenges.

This presentation will highlight useful solutions for real-world problems.

□ Data Quality Life Cycle: a best practice approach

□ Data Discovery Methods (data profiling and metadata discovery)

□ Data Quality Correction (data improvement)

□ Data Quality Monitoring

□ Collaboration (communication, data standards, glossary, workflow, data lineage, business rules)

Lou Galway is a Senior Business Solutions Manager in the Global Technology Practice, supporting Data Management Solutions and Business Analytic Modernization Assessments (BAMA) reporting to SAS Headquarters. He works to produce sales enablement content as well as works directly with sales and customers. He specializes in the SAS and SAP relationship, conducting BAMAs and Data Management.
Prior to 2014, Lou supported the SAS Performance Management portfolio. He has been working for SAS since 2001 working with pre-sales and post-sales.
Prior to joining SAS, Lou was a consultant for KPMG Consulting in the Federal Government Practice.
Lou lives in Northern Virginia.