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MAT 366 Spring 2018

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MATH 366 Spring 2018

Computational Tools for Applied Mathematics II

In a nutshell, this course is a gentle introduction to Data Analytics tools and methods.

Data is going to transform how we live, how we work and how we think. it is going to help us manage our careers and lead lives of satisfaction and hope and happiness and health. So were going to need to be careful and take big data and adjust it for our needs, our very human needs. We have to be the master of this technology, not its servant.

Kenneth Cukier, The Economist

The tools covered in this class are: Linux, Excel, MySQL databases and Python Pandas.

The methods covered come from Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Graph Theory and Discrete Mathematics. Each and all methods used will be covered from scratch in class (no previous knowledge will be assumed).

Math 366 is open to all students with an entrepreneurial mind willing to learn programming and basic applied mathematics concepts from scratch. The only expectation is that students have a strong desire to learn new tools and methods to understand and use data (big and small).

About this class: The focus of this class is not just the content; in fact, the attitude, commitment, maturity, communication skills and participation are as important as the content. The content will be adjusted to the needs and abilities of the class.

AMT majors: This course is an elective for AMT majors and it is open to all majors. This course and MAT241 provide students with indispensable tools needed in applied mathematics classes, and in the applied mathematics capstone research project (AMT 495).

Textbook and other requirements: No textbook is required. Using a personal computer with Linux/Unix installed is highly recommended. Windows OS pcs can be configured to meet the class requirements. Macintosh has Unix installed in it (please install the Mac developer tools). The software we will use is open source or a program similar to it is freely available.

Content: Topics in computing and applied mathematics, as follows

I. Review of Math 241 and more advanced topics in Linux/Unix, LaTeX, HTML, Programming in Mathematica and C++, algorithm design and implementation, networking and digital information.

II. Spreadsheets, Databases and Statistical software.

III. Other topics relevant to applied mathematics may be included if time allows and there is enough interest.

Prepare before coming to class!!!!: Read your notes. Check our web site. Come to class ready to take notes and work on the projects. DO NOT BE LATE TO CLASS.

Examinations: We will have quizzes and a final. The tests will be based on the material covered in class, the required readings and the computer assignments.

Assignments: They will be posted on the class web site.

Class Participation: Regular class attendance is required for successful completion of the course. If you miss three class meetings, you will automatically fail the class.

Grading Policy:

 Quizzes: 20%
 Final exam: 20% (The Final date is TBD in the same lab the class meets.)
 Other graded activities: 60%
 Attendance: Three absences will lower the grade to E
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