Preparing Students for the PSM Experience: An Analytics View

Aric LaBarr

Institute of Advanced Analytics at North Carolina State University

Professional Science Masters programs are becoming more popular with students who are trying to break free of the traditional academic path and look for degree programs that will help better prepare them for work outside of academia. With that being the case, PSM programs should consider not taking the typical academic approach to determining a quality candidate for their programs. Characteristics of students who are going to be successful in a PSM program are potentially different than those of the traditional academic program. The Institute for Advanced Analytics is going into its tenth year and as the nation's first Master of Science in Analytics program it has collected an enormous amount of data on both student and applicant success. This presentation will juxtapose the average successful and unsuccessful applicant to the Institute for Advanced Analytics with hopes of the following two goals. 1) To help show undergraduates and undergraduate program directors what makes a successful candidate for a PSM program so as to help guide them in their education and experiences. 2) To encourage other PSM programs who do not look at students differently than a traditional academic approach to consider differing their approach to student preparation.