A Move to be Data Driven - The Case Study of Renewing One's Web Presence

Kiriko Komura; Michael Thomas; Nick Malchoff

PSM National Office at Keck Graduate Institute, Claremont, CA

In the contemporary environment, word-of-mouth is no longer sufficient as a means of getting one's name out there, nor are individual vignettes on mainstream media. Moreover, one's web presence can no longer be basic or textual. Now, one's presence must be rich, informative, visually appealing, and useful - all of which can be both Data Driven and Data Fruitful. The PSM National Office and the PSM movement have been and are continuing to grow for many years, but they have also met challenges to the growth, including the challenge of marketing, meaning, motivation and more. Part of the challenge to this expansion has been the context. The world is changing, and due to the influx of various of mediums of information attainment that not only students have access to but also faculty, institutions, employers and other industry constituents have at their finger tips, not only through a regular computer but through mobile devices, a concerted effort was over the last few years being realized to address this needs of strategic and thoughtful application of anecdotal and other data to communicate the message of the PSM National Office and movement to the world. Beginning in 2013, a number of issues were identified, including an outdated website, with poor maintenance, over abundant misuse of services, tools and providers, and lack of real-time information on usage. From this challenges, meetings with various stakeholders, including the boards of the PSM office and NPSMA, and other partners, as well as program leaders were held to determine a path to improvement. A vendor selection was conducted and an optimal vendor was secured based on needs, timeline, cost, and other factors. In 2015, over 6 months a select team of a developer and designer on the part of the vendor and the administrative director as well as a consultant on the part of the national office worked arduously to realize a new platform for all the PSM stakeholders to access information, beginning from an informal needs assessment through development and implementation and testing. What was delivered was a site that is easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to maintain and easy to track. The results of this effort include - a new way for visitors to access information for which they are searching, and the PSM National Office's ability to provide both visitors and partners real-time information on usage, tracking, and interest through Google Analytics, moving the PSM National Office's website from being reactive to proactive and increasing the data-driven ability to respond to student, staff, faculty, employer, government, and industry needs. This presentation will discuss these activities and the resultant positive impact on website usage.