Prashant Mittal is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of New Hampshire. He is the lead instructor in the master's in data analytics program where he teaches topics like machine learning algorithms, advanced SAS programming, Bayesian statistics, text mining, health analytics and business statistics. He consults for small and large businesses on their data analytics needs, supply chain and inventory management. He was a senior statistician at the University of Southern Maine where he primarily researched on prevalence and spread of health conditions, data management, predictive analysis and dissemination of results. He has worked on several national and regional surveillance systems and evaluation projects from agencies like CDC and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Prashant taught graduate and undergraduate applied Statistics and Data Analytics courses at USM. He is experienced survey weighting, instrument development and psychometric analysis. He built the technical infrastructure for a state of the art online query system using Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data for the state of Maine. The system examines and reports prevalence estimates of various health indicators for multiple years and demographic factors. Prashant possesses working knowledge of multiple programming languages including SASĀ® and R, and other point and click statistical software like SPSS, Stata, Systat, Minitab, JMP etc. He possesses two masters' degrees in mathematics and statistics and currently completing PhD in Applied Statistics at the University of New Hampshire. He has presented research papers on quantitative topics and SAS programming.