Peiru Wu is the director of PSM in Industrial Mathematics program at Michigan State University. Dr. Wu has been coordinating, teaching, and directing the program since 2005, in particular, fostering industrial connections at MSU through 4-5 annual industrial projects and other initiatives and events over a decade. Her long time effort and commitment are critical to maintain the program's recognition as one of the oldest continuously running PSM programs. She was a founding member of the NPSMA and served in a variety of committees, and she was one of the board members serving on the board for the longest period up to December of 2013. Dr. Wu earned a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her postdoctoral research emphasized on simulation of protein behavior in Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Delaware. Subsequently, she worked in Department of Chemistry at MSU. Later she joined Parke-Davis, led the bioinformatics projects and filed for the U.S. patent for the data mining algorithm in advance of the early stages of data science at Pfizer until returning to MSU as a faculty member in Department of Mathematics.